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FungiAlert is passionate about increasing agricultural productivity and sustainability using disruptive, early detection sensors, and novel soil-health analysis. Their unique soil-health analysis provides a realistic picture of disease risks within a field. FungiAlert’s game-changing technology makes soil-health analysis affordable and accessible to all growers and guides strategic agronomy decisions throughout the growing season. Their vision is to revolutionise disease management practices within agriculture to help reduce crop loss and increase productivity and to lower the chance of resistance to pesticides.

Dr. Kerry O’Donnelly Weaver, CEO & Co-Founder FungiAlert Ltd comments

“It’s hugely important to us that FungiAlert contributes to the future growth of agri. Preventative spraying of pesticides is common in agriculture, as currently growers don’t have any method to advise them about the risk of plant diseases. However, by doing so, they contribute to the development of resistant plant pathogens, to the contamination of the water, and to wildlife reduction (i.e. bees). Our vision is to decrease the redundant use of preventative spraying amongst farmers, by providing disruptive plant disease sensors and services, to guide evidence-based farming practices.”